Comprehensive Management  


Management is planning and making the continuous right decisions accompanied by surveillance and controlling of institutional sources to reach the desired goals of the institution. It is an activity which depends on thinking and intellectual work by using certain foundations and principles found in five areas:


Planning        Management         Employment         Directive       Oversight




Management Details


ü      The management of purchasing and stores

ü      Personnel Management

ü      Time Management

ü      Sales Management

ü      Advertising and public relations

ü      The marketing via electronic trade

ü      The effectiveness in contacting people

ü      Directing and organizing committee

ü      Job manners

ü      Simplifying the work procedures

ü      The secrets of work success

ü      Purchasing and evaluation methods

ü      Leading and creativity in work

ü      Job satisfaction and product quality

ü      Applications for management supervision

ü      The progressed methods in productivity

ü      Effective communication skills

ü      Application on the organized behavior

ü      Basics skills of executive secretary study

ü      The needs for the receptionists

ü      The basic principles for human recourses



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