Is a science based on a set of principles. The rules and the bases that we use in the analysis of financial transactions and registration of such operations. It provides a reference when needed, cataloging, classifying operations and summarizing them to determine the assets and the obligations of the establishment. The final accounts  give the results of the project; is it a profit or loss? Consequently, future errors are avoided and a greater financial position is established at the end of the period. In keeping with the growing role of accounting, the Middle East Center has emphasized the importance of accounting through the establishment of quality integrated course that qualify students to enter business life.


Accounting Details


ü      Ledger book.

ü      Journal book.

ü      Trail balance.

ü      Balance sheet.

ü      Company accounting.

ü      Costs.

ü      Taxes.

ü      Finance.

ü      Guidance of government expenditure and transparency in managing balances.

ü      Financial planning and supervision.

ü      Basic principles in government accounting.

ü      Administrative accounting and its applications in Public finance.



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